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OMKARA – Based on Musical Notes, Fundamental Science, Creative Frequencies of the Universe, and Chakra Energy.

Omkara Research has been going on to understand the effects of Music, Energy Points, and Neuroscience, and how music can be effective scientifically to heal mind, body and soul. We have started the process with the kids and adults at Spastics Society (Disability Institutes) and Cancer Research. 

Sound has healing power both at the psychological and biological level. Sound has been used as a healing tool to cure diseases for thousands of years in the ancient times. In the modern treatment, sound technology has started with the use of Ultrasound to check internal organs, to break kidney stones, tumors or use of certain frequencies to repair DNA. The Sound and Life definitely has some connections. 

The nature has music for those who listens. We all have vibrations, sound and energy. Can we listen to music in our body? With Meditation and Chakra practice, we can. We can listen to our Song in our Heart by elevating our sound and vibrations to a spiritual level. It requires practicing on this sound and being disciplined about our values. Ancient art of sound healing is a new science today. Musical Instruments and sound have been used as a healing tool for thousands of years – Didgeridoo in Australia, Sound of Khol in Vaishnava Culture, Hymns, Chanting, Crystals, Bamboo Flute, Harp, Tibetan Bells, Gong, Singing Bowls, and so on.  

We will find the origin of sound in the book of Genesis, from the Old Testament, in the Gospel from the New Testament, from the Vedas of the Hindu tradition, the Hopi Indian, and so on. In the Bible, it is mentioned that in the beginning was the Word (Sound), and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. In Chinese Taoism, Tao Te Ching, it is mentioned that in the beginning there was sound, all things were created by this nameless sound. The Upanishad, the Hindu scripture, also mentions that “In the beginning was the word.” This sound existed when creation began. This sound is God; this sound is Creation of Life.

The Chakras are the energy centers in our body that balance the emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual being. Each of the chakras’ energy levels can be related to certain ancient frequencies and musical notes, and can be balanced through music, meditation, and love. Music is the universal language, and love is the universal healer; specific musical notes and classical music can heal the mind, body and soul, leading to spiritual awakening. There are few core creative frequencies in this Universe that can be musically represented by numbers and geometrical patterns of 6-3-9. Everything in this Universe has energy, vibrations, and sound. Omkara, representing the 7 Chakras and Heaven Bridge, was composed using Classical Ragas, Western music, World Music, and core frequencies. A new energy point, Heaven Bridge, was created with nine healing transitions representing The Journey from Birth to Enlightenment. Omkara!

We are connected with everything in this universe through our vibrations, whether plants, animals or human beings. Every object has its own natural frequency. The prime resonant Frequency of a Heart is approx. 100 Hz; cell is approx. 1000 Hz. We radiate healthy or repulsive vibrations towards other people and into the environment around us.  Whatever type of energy we give out, we also receive back. The chakras are energy center of our body, absorbing and distributing energy throughout our body and aura.

We are pleased to work with the Institutes to research the concept and sound of Omkara. Proper use of music and vibrations might help people with the healing of mind, body and soul leading to relieving Pain, help with Survival, Depression, Love and other qualities. This is just the beginning of a long journey. We are continuing to experiment and compose new musical notes and arrangement to be used for Music Therapy, Meditation, Healing, and Yoga. More healing music will be released in the near future as we progress with our research. Research paper will be published at a later time.

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