Rupam Sarmah, an engineer, film director, singer-songwriter, award-winning producer and Guinness® World Record holder, has spent years researching ancient music and fundamental science which could affect the human body and mind. His goal is to uplift consciousness in the world with work that delivers the message of Oneness in God, Humanity, World Peace and Love with music as the vehicle.

Rupam has collaborated with a number of international artists for his music and films in various languages. He earned a Guinness World Record® composing and directing the Symphony ‘A Musical Journey for World Peace’ with 315 unique musical instruments from all over the world and more than 500 performers on the stage. 

He has also written songs in various languages and has directed music in feature films that have received a number of international awards including Best Documentary Award, for the film IN SEARCH OF GOD, which he directed, at the International Indian Film Festival.  The film was acquired by Oscar® Library and the Original Music Score of In Search of God was included in the Oscar® long nominations list in 2011. 

Recently, Rupam has just completed writing the screenplay for his next movie that he will be directing, which is to bring the awareness about ‘Possibility in Disability‘. He is a Voting member of Grammy® as a Musician, Producer and Engineer and is originally from Assam, India. Rupam and his family currently live in California.

“If only we could find acceptance, compassion, and love for each other regardless of religion, identity, differences, the world would be a better place. We each have a choice of what we choose to focus on and that can make a world of a difference… a different world. How much we give is not a function of how much we have, but how big and open our heart is.” ~Rupam Sarmah

OMKARA means Sound of God.  OMKARA – THE SOUND OF DIVINE LOVE takes the science of music to the chakras – the seats of our energies – to inspire healing and balancing through beautifully arranged tones and elevated vibrations.

The album includes eight tracks, each representing one of the seven chakras (plus an eighth realm called Heaven Bridge).  The chakras are the energy centers in our body that balance the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects of being.  Each can be related and affected by frequencies and musical notes.  The music meshes the genres of Classical, Ragas, Western music, and World music with deliberately crafted frequencies.  In this unique project, Rupam collaborated with musicians and vocalists from India and around the world to produce musical vibrations that affect body and spirit. 

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