OMKARA – The Sound of Divine Love                                                                     

OMKARA means “Sound of God.”  Based on years of research, the music of OMKARA demonstrates the positive connection between musical notes, fundamental science, the creative frequencies of the universe and chakra energy. The chakras are the energy centers in our body that balance the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects of being.

The album, OMKARA – THE SOUND OF DIVINE LOVE, was released worldwide. Other Creative Projects and Research work are currently going on.

With eight tracks and more than 105 minutes of music, the album combines classical melodies with Indian Raga, Western Music and World music. Each of the healing tracks represent one of the seven chakras. The eighth track, a new energy point named Heaven Bridge, is composed with nine different creative frequencies that take listeners on a journey from Birth to Enlightenment.

The research on OMKARA Music Therapy is currently being conducted at Disability Institutes and with cancer patients.  Deliberate use of musical notes has healing vibes which can help uplift or even help stimulate brain signal of people with disabilities. Sound vibrations can be effectively used to relieve pain, depression, even diseases.